“Open Mind” with Arman Kharazyan

“Open Mind” is a show about Armenians living in the diaspora, who cherish their roots and their connection to the motherland. The show presents talented Armenians who talk about their success stories, as well as discuss the challenges, which arise in related infrastructures of Armenia. They connect with officials, executives and professionals in Armenia to confer and share their expertise. The guests of the show take action by helping the people in need and encourage the community to follow the example they’ve set.

“Open Mind” brings you an open discussion, remarkable people and fascinating stories.

About Arman Kharazyan

As an established and experienced television host, Arman Kharazyan has collaborated with many television channels and has received various prestigious awards for his distinguished work. Kharazyan is also a published author of several analytical articles. Arman Kharazyan was the author and the host of many analytical shows and talk shows, such as “Bio-Rhythm”, “Absolute Value” and “TV Marathon”, produced and broadcasted in Armenia.

Watch “Open Mind” below.