“NEWSROOM” with Vruir Tadevosian

Vruir Tadevosian is the founder and presenter of the highest rated NEWSROOM program. NEWSROOM with Vruir Tadevosian, is one-of-a-kind unique infotaining, analytical show broadcasted LIVE every weekday on Horizon Armenian TV. It has the highest engagement in the field, and the largest audience built during its 2 years of production. Live broadcasts of NEWSROOM are also available on Horizon Armenian TV’s official Facebook page, YouTube channel and here on the website.

Stay in the know with the latest developments that take place in Armenia and surrounding regions, Los Angeles area and the United States as a whole. NEWSROOM keeps you informed and updated with commentary from government officials, public figures, medical professionals, and community leaders.

About Vruir Tadevosian

Vruir Tadevosian is an internationally qualified journalist with Armenian origin, currently based in Los Angeles. Since 2015, Mr. Tadevosian has been an elected Free Media Ambassador to Armenia by EYP (European Youth Press) for his excellence in journalism and broadcast media, and for his critical role in Armenian largest media outlets such as Public TV and Radio Company of Armenia.

During his professional activities in foreign famous media centers, such as RNTC (Radio Netherlands Training Center in 2015) and corresponding different international media outlets, he gained valuable knowledge and experience in journalism and modern media management. Being a journalist/presenter at the Public Radio of Armenia, Mr. Tadevosyan has been offered and successfully held the position of producer of the PRA in 2017 and has been managing political, cultural and educational programs in the station.

Vruir Tadevosian’s professional activities have been highly evaluated also in the educational field: he is an invited lecturer at the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University in Armenia. He moved to the USA in March, 2019; he is the leading TV Host/News Presenter at Horizon TV, and also holds a position of Executive Producer at Horizon TV in Los Angeles. Vruir Tadevosian has been a member of the International Federation of Journalists since 2013, and he is an authorized member of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio.

Watch “NEWSROOM” Monday – Friday at 9 PM PST.