“Tesaket” with Gayane Avetisyan

Tesaket provides a space for life-long lessons and experiences from some of the most extraordinary and influential actors, artists, public figures and experts in the Armenian community, who are eager to share their wisdom with you.

About Gayane Avetisyan

With a Masters Degree in Acting and many years of professional experience in theatre, TV & Media, as well as show business, Gayane is a highly-motivated and dedicated actress, lyricist and poet. From 2017-2021, she had notable roles in several drama series, comedy series and movies. She was a lead actress in the State Chamber Musical Theatre in Yerevan, Armenia. It’s no wonder that her commitment to her projects has been recognized by viewers everywhere as well as the production teams she has worked with.

Some of her notable achievements are:

  • Won the “Best Actresses” Award in the play Romeo & Juliet.
  • Performed LIVE in front of more than 3000+ people with famous Actors and Singers.
  • Well-known award-winning lyricist for popular Armenian and international musicians.

She has acted in theatre and was cast lead roles in various plays, drama shows and musicals with other talented artists. Her dedication to her craft allows her to embody the character she plays, which makes her a stellar performer.

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