“Dimankar” with Narine Chilingaryan

Everything Art! Dimankar is a space where creative minds share their views. It is always strikingly interesting to hear the perspectives about our world from an artist’s vantage point. They think and see things differently than others. Dimankar dives deep into painting, sculpting, music, and anything related to the world of innovation.

About Narine Chilingaryan

Narine Chilingaryan has a colorful background as a journalist and artist. Her pieces are often exhibited at galleries across Los Angeles and Armenia. Chilingaryan received Glendale Art Associations award in 2018 and currently serves as a member of Armenia’s Decorative Artistic organization. She studied theatre in Armenia and after graduating, Chilingaryan went on to become a lead member of a youth theatrical group. As a young adult, Chilingaryan has been the supporting actress in numerous Armenian films. Thereafter, she has applied her knowledge, education, and theatrical talent as a host at multiple media outlets..

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