“Bari Luys” with Stepan Partamian

Born 1962 in Lebanon, Stepan Partamian moved to Glendale California at the age of 19 and holds a BA in Filmmaking from California State University Northridge (CSUN).

A talk-show host, Stepan is renowned for helping shape public discourse in Los Angeles, Armenia, and beyond through his politically incorrect commentaries and analyses of current affairs.


2015: The realization of the first ever American Armenian Rose Float participation at the 126 Tournament of Roses® Parade.
2014: PARTAM all things Armenian, A travel guide to every Armenian destination under the sun for IOS & Android
2009-2015: Genolive, a video documentary on Armenians who have contributed their talents to humanity following the failed attempt of the Genocide.
2009 and 2012: The Armenian in America, a book of photos and texts documenting landmarks pertaining to Armenian identity and culture throughout the United States.
2009, 2013, and 2014: The Yes, We Have series of books, in English and Armenian, documenting the contributions of Armenians to American civilization.
2011: The concert Armenia Unbound: A Musical Journey at the J. Paul Getty Museum.
2007: The concert Spirit of Armenia, at the 2007 KCRW World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association.
2006: A landmark recording of Komitas Vardapet’s Divine Liturgy, performed entirely on duduks by the Winds of Passion Quartet.
1998: The first-ever Armenian program for the KCRW World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.
1998: The concert Uniquely Armenia: at Alex Theater.
1993-2010: Produced over 50 Armenian musical recordings on the GARNI label.

Watch “Bari Luys” below.