Horizon TV celebrates its 30th anniversary as the longest running Armenian network. “30 years in 30 days” is a powerful program that covers the network’s impactful history and within this context, “The Memories of Tomorrow,” presents inspirational stories with journalists and producers who were an integral part of Horizon TV’s establishment.

About Vruir Tadevosian

Vruir Tadevosian is an internationally qualified journalist, producer, screenwriter and media communication expert, whose professional experience includes both broadcast and publishing media outlets. He developed his skills as a Media Communication Expert during his professional career at the leading local and international media outlets. His international certifications dated back to 2013 when he first became a member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists) and later on in 2014, when he graduated the RNTC Radio Netherlands Training Center thus becoming Internationally Qualified Media Communication Expert and Journalist. Vruir Tadevosian is an EYP Free Media Ambassador to Armenia since 2015. Known for his excellence in reporting, organizational skills and ability to access inaccessible figures and information, Vruir was accredited to manage Public Relationships and Communication Processes of various state and public importance projects, TV Shows, corporate events and ceremonies.

Author and Director – Vruir Tadevosian
Executive Producer – Margarita Tunieva
Chief Editor – Mary Asatryan
Editing & Digital Graphics – Levon Martirosyan

Tune in every Monday at 8:30 PM for this ground breaking show.