The Maria Cozette Show (MCS) is where the left-brain meets the right! It is a platform for accomplished professionals of diverse backgrounds including healthcare, law, education, and more, to discuss their creative outlets, artistic talents, and extraordinary hobbies.

About Maria Cozette

Maria Cozette is an award- winning singer, songwriter, and music producer. She launched the first English program to air on an Armenian television network in 2011, Music Box with Maria Cozette (MBX). The program promoted the endeavors of Armenian-American artists while conveying a positive message to the youth. MBX gained massive popularity and earned countless awards. The starlet went on to obtain a Master in Business Administration, launched a marketing consultancy firm, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Organizational Change & Leadership. The Maria Cozette Show mirrors the host’s character as an artist and established professional.

Cozette was inspired by community leaders and trailblazing visionaries who exercise both hemispheres of the brain- logical and creative. She created The Maria Cozette Show to shine light on a side of these multifaceted professionals that the public does not otherwise see.

Watch “The Maria Cozette Show” on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM PST.